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 Botanical soul Perfumery

soul essence perfume therapy • bespoke passages • custom perfume

~beauty and healing through scent~



Thank you for being here.

Fragrance is the language of the soul...

The scent of a plant is the spirit made manifest...

Perfume is a connection to a deeper part of ourselves. Our essence is mirrored through the fragrance of a well made perfume. It is intimate, it becomes part of you.

Plants are authentic and exactly as they are meant to be–nothing more or less. This mirrors our own innate intelligence to be exactly as we are meant to be. We are nature. As the soul of the plants connect with ours there is a simple yet potent remembrance that occurs without effort.

There is beauty and healing in a botanical perfume blended with the intent to connect soul to soul.

~Stevie Gayle Stephens



soul essence perfume therapy

Nurturing support from our sacred plant allies to illuminate the path of your unique beauty and connection with your own Divinity and self love.


bespoke passages

There are liminal times in life that call for a special recognition in the form of scent to hold that passage sacred.  The spirit of nature in the form of fragrance and your intention creates a connection that celebrates our human passages in a beautiful and poignant way.


custom blends

A personal scent portrait that brings your personal loves and likes into view. We work together in person or by a form that is a compilation of possibilities within the plant kingdom to create a perfume that is uniquely yours.





“The overall theme of my session was that this anointing process was to be utilized for a deeper practice to love myself more than I had ever done before. 

It worked. The amount of forgiveness and love I have bestowed upon myself has multiplied tenfold through this 3-month long daily practice. I have been committed to deepening my self-care practice since that day in many other ways as well. The simple yet powerful practice of anointing myself has opened me up to the many layers of self-love that previously I was unable to access. 

The work Stevie Gayle does is for anyone that wants to access his or her divine self. Her powerful intuition will blend exactly what you need. 

I am truly humbled by and grateful for Stevie accessing her intuition, and receptivity to bring forth this sacred work.”

–Michelle Gantner

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"perume is the reflector of the heart"

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