Terms & Policies



Your privacy is important to me! I do not sell, trade, or otherwise share your personal information, such as name, email address, physical address, phone numbers, buying history, etc. Your information stays here. You do not have to worry about receiving unsolicited email from other companies or individuals as a result of shopping, except for tracking information through FedEx, USPS, or UPS.



I make my products with 100% pure & natural ingredients: essential oils (organic, sustainable & wildcrafted when possible), absolutes, organic jojoba oil, organic grape alcohol, beeswax & fractionated coconut oil. I do not use any synthetics, fragrance oils, phthalates, parabens, glycols, or petrochemicals. My perfumes are NOT for consumption. My products are cruelty-free: I do not test my products on animals and any animal essences that I use (Ambergris, Hyraceum and HoneyBee) are sustainably and consciously harvested. 



Your shipping options and costs depend on your location and order contents. For international orders, you may need to pay customs duties or other taxes & fees, and I do not handle any of these on my end. 



All sales are final. For product safety reasons I cannot accept returns or exchanges. If you have any issues with the products, please contact me directly to have resolution. 



The user is solely responsible for the safe use of my products. I assume no responsibility or liability for any claims arising out of the use or misuse of my products. Please keep my products out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition that can be affected by essential oils or fragrances, please seek the advice of a health professional before using my products. I recommend testing our perfumes on a small area of skin to check for any possible allergic reactions. Apply a small amount to the skin on your inner arm (most sensitive area). If redness, burning, itching or irritation occurs, stop using product immediately and wash with soap and water to clean the affected area.