I am available for collaboration and customized retreat support.  Bringing the wisdom and beauty of Scent to your personal or public retreat, can add a dimension of healing that is both powerful and also fun! We can create an offering that fits your needs and that of your participants. Let's explore this option for your next retreat!

current retreats:


Ancient Future:  Reclaim Your Wild Awareness

SeptEMBER 25-OCTOBER 2, 2019, West Wales, UK

Do you feel a connection with the ancient quality of Wales?

Are you ready for a deep, visceral change?

One that allows your unique experience of purpose and belonging to emerge more fully?

We have designed a week long immersion nestled in the heart of nature with 4 powerful healers who facilitate deep change lovingly.

When we feel at home in our body and here on earth we can offer our gifts simply.

All your needs taken care of. Nurturing meals. Nature right outside your door.

Your body and soul receiving exactly what it needs to flourish and let go.

At your center lies an innocent wildness.

Your instinctual self is able to feel and know your very unique and beautiful way of being in this life. 

We have been programmed through our cultures and long held beliefs of our families and genders. Our bodies hold the transgressions from trauma in its myriad forms. These may include: other peoples' limited capacities to treat us with kindness and respect; physical and emotional injuries; and even our own inability to support our life’s journey with love and acceptance. 

The freedom that lives within us is our truest guide for how to express our authentic self and innate gifts. 

We carry the stories of our lives in our bodies. 

The freedom that lives within us is our truest guide for how to express our authentic self and innate gifts. 

During this 7-night, 6 full day immersion, you will be deeply supported in finding your way back to the truth of your own body and how to be fully alive and expressed in it.

We call this embodiment.

Through the support of 4 highly intuitive and skilled practitioners you will have one-on-one and group facilitation to clear the long held stories from your body and mind that hold you back from your innate wisdom and creativity. 

As a team, we’ve create a curated experience specific to your needs and desires for your fully expressed life. 

• You will enjoy:

- 7 nights accommodation of your choosing

- Daily mindful yoga and meditation

- Deeply nourishing locally sourced meals

- 5 individual sessions (3 on-site at retreat, 2 online pre and post retreat).

• A 4-week preparation online course including embodiment mentoring, group teaching, meditation and practices. Group calls beginning in August via Zoom available live or recorded.

• All teaching modules will be recorded (pre-event and during) for you to have available for review and continued deepening.

• You will leave with a “toolbox” to support you long into the future. 

• This is limited to 8 participants and will be a break from technology to reconnect you with your own rhythms amidst the wildness of West Wales (connection available as needed, of course).

Give yourself the gift of coming back to your true nature in the presence of nature. 

“What if you could return to living in awe and wonder?”



  • 7:00 am Silent Sitting Meditation

  • 7:30 am Mindful Movement

  • 8:30 am Breakfast

  • 9:30 am Group Teaching

  • 11:00 am Individual Sessions + Facilitated Integration

  • 1:00 Lunch

  • 3:00 pm Individual Sessions + Facilitated Integration

  • 7:00 pm Dinner

  • 8:30 pm Facilitated Integration

Everything is optional. This experience will be based on your needs and desires. 


  • Breathwork

  • Dance / Movement

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Indigenous Wisdom

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Plant Essence Anointing

  • Play

  • TRE - Tension and Trauma Release Exercises


  • 7-nights accommodation

  • All meals locally sourced and lovingly prepared, tea and snacks

  • 5 private sessions (1 before arrival, 3 during, 1 after for integration)

  • Daily group teaching + Integration

  • Daily movement and meditation

  • Wood-fired hot tub

  • Fire ceremony

  • Local excursions

  • Celebratory surprises

  • Nature excursions

  • Time for rest and silence

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.”



  • Lucid Embodiment + Business Mentoring with Valerie Kausen

  • Soul Essence Perfume Therapy with Stevie Gayle Stephens

  • Ancient Lomi Lomi with Kekoa Powers

  • Bio-inductive Touch with Amanda Elise


  • Airfare

  • Ground transportation to and from retreat (you will receive a detailed understanding of how to arrive well and to easily transfer to location)



• $3,500 single occupancy (4 available) $3,200 shared occupancy (4 available)

• $3,500 / £2,650 full payment single.*

• $3,200 / £2,400 full payment shared.*

$250 / £190  non-refundable deposit will hold your spot full payment due by June 15th. Payment options available upon request.

*Payment options available upon request. Contact Valerie

• Limited to 8 participants

If traveling internationally, it's suggested to arrive in London, Cardiff or Bristol a day early, stay overnight and take transport on the day of your arrival on-site (Wed. Sept 25). Slow things down. You will be given all the details you need for smooth travel. Departure day is Wed. Oct 2.


• Add a 3-month Lucid Embodiment Mentoring package with Valerie Kausen to enhance the depth of the work - $1,500 via phone.If traveling internationally, it's suggested to arrive in London a day early, stay overnight and take train on the day of your arrival on-site. Slow things down. We will be given all the details you need for smooth travel.



Valerie Kausen

is an Embodiment and Business Mentor. Through myriad certifications and personal study through trauma resolution at all levels, she has come to understand the path of awakening to our innate wisdom and innocent wildness.

Valerie's work includes: her own modality called Somatic Retrieval™, Emotional Release, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), dance, Breathwork, Meditation Instruction, Shamanic Healing, Master Level Communication Skills and many, many modalities of integration, deep intuition and creativity.

With a lifetime of personal development and 25 years of organizing and leading retreats, she brings her presence, compassion and playfulness fully to whatever experience she is in.

Valerie is grateful to give back what has been given to her. You can read more about her work at (The full retreat page is also available to view on Valeries site.


has been practicing bodywork informed by martial arts for 10 years. Through multiple streams of study she has developed a form of bodywork rooted primarily in Asian and Native American traditions she calls Bio-inductive touch weaving in sacred sound from various cultures.  Amanda became a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner in 2011.

She worked as a peer mentor for youth in mental health services for over 6 years. This included co-facilitating groups in transformational work through communication and life skills, creative expression, meditation and movement.

Her reverence for life and ability to hold sacred space for diverse rituals weaves together her myriad gifts and offerings. There is a deep and ancient power in her quiet ways.  

Kekoa Powers

is a permaculture practitioner, bodyworker and wild-crafter with 20 years experience in various indigenous healing modalities from Polynesia to the Americas. 

Growing up close to the elements, observing nature and developing an intimate connection to the Spirit that Moves in and Through All Things he has developed a passion for the inseparable relationship between internal well being and the health of the Earth.

Kekoa has been studying, practicing and organizing retreats in Ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi since 2012, a form of massage therapy that focuses on the complete embodiment of all that we are. Within this pre-christian paradigm of healing one reconnects with the space within themselves capable of holding the entirety of their being, the dark and the light, and in so doing reunites them with the essential aspect of life that make all things kin. 

He is one of six certified Ancient Lomi Lomi practitioners in the world and holds a Massage Therapy License in Hawaii. 

Find out more:


is the alchemist & creative director for Scent Alchemist Soul Essence Perfumery.  She walks a scented path, working with essences as a way to feel beauty, spark joy, self care and self love. Rooted in intuitive plant communication through the ancient art and practice of perfuming and anointing, the body, mind and spirit are engaged in aligning to a higher order, restoring peace and harmony within one’s existence at a core level.

She comes with nearly 30 years of experience in working with energy medicine in practical application through massage therapy, visionary craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, botanical perfume therapy, anointing rituals and intuitive counseling.

For a complete biography of Stevie Gayle’s journey as a healer and artist in the field of energy medicine and perfumery, see