What is Soul Essence Perfume Therapy?

I am a bridge between your Soul, what it is calling for, and the Plant Spirits that want to assist you in your perfect alignment from exactly where you are today.

Together, gently and effortlessly, we create a Soul Essence with the highest quality and frequency essential oils that I have spent years sourcing. These contain the innate life force of the plants.

The Soul Essence is then lovingly applied with your simple intention through a short morning and evening ritual. The plants illuminate the path of your unique beauty and connection with your own Divinity and self love where true healing begins.

You are the only one who can birth the new version of yourself you long to become. Nurturing support is here from our sacred plant allies.

Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant...when the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance.
— Rudolf Steiner

session details:

Sessions are by phone or in person.

Using exceptional quality, pure botanical essential oils, co2’s, absolutes and other tinctured materials, a blend is created for you immediately following the reading, then bottled in cut glass 7ml vessel.  

The cost is $175, which includes: *One hour Intuitive soul reading *Soul Essence Anointing Blend *Prescription sheet *Mid-point check-in *Packaging/Shipping within the United States. 


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