Stevie Gayle’s presence and sensitivity create a sacred container for the soul work to come through effortlessly. The quality of oils and her relationship to the plants make this a true healing for all levels of body, mind and spirit. The on-going nature of the daily anointing practice is a deep reminder and generation of self-love that has rippled through my life. It’s created a deeper connection to my body and finding ease and connection where there once was resistance and self-hatred. This work is not about preferences it’s about what you need in this moment from the plants. I recommend the Soul Essence Therapy to anyone wanting more of what brings the best out in you and your work.

— Valerie Kausen, spiritMuse, embodiment mentor
When I think of Stevie’s work, I think of honey, soothing, sandalwood and earth, frankincense, healing, every flower I imagine and all that it invokes. Part of the pleasure is watching her smell alongside me. She holds the vials at different widths from her nose and dances with the combinations like an orchestrator for a ballet. She has me smell her blends and when I open my eyes she smiles. She somehow knows when it hits me right, for that day, that need, that intention. And when I asked her for a perfume she went serious. Digging through her alchemy of distilled fragrances, intuitive knowledge, well versed studies and the resources of my spirit. After taking her time digging, she flashed me that smile and had just the thing I didn’t know I was looking for. I’m in heaven on earth when I spray her perfume on my forearms and neck. Dabbing it just like she told me. My best friend asks me to spray her too and I do. My husband plants his nose on my collarbone. But best of all, it’s how I feel inside when I anoint myself, for myself with her blessing, support and love. I am forever grateful to Stevie for her gifted work. There’s no one like her on earth.
— Ivy Kaller
I have been so enjoying the oil that Stevie Gayle created for me. When I put it on, I feel my hopes making more sense, it is very reassuring and centering. The highs and lows of who I am encapsulated and they make space for each other to be. When I put it on, it is almost as if all my dreams I have are with me realized. Particularly at bedtime, laying down with the scent on, it helps me relax, not focus on the worries, to meditate on the good. Thank you SG.”
— Hattie Webb

My mahjong ladies were delighted last Thursday. The Giving of the precious essences and perfumes felt like a gift to me. That is the best part. They loved the vintage handkerchiefs too. Thank you for everything.

With the Sacred Woods, I had a wonderful sleep after a shower and light wet rub. 

A very nice way to begin this questionable navigation into the holiday season with the world so on tilt. 
— Susan Brown, Maui

Stevie Gayle exudes calm, peaceful, positive energy. I live a pretty stressful life, driven by high-maintenance clients, travel and constant deadlines. But within minutes of being with Stevie Gayle I am relaxed.
— kim devlin,