Liminal are in the have left one place and have not yet arrived to the next...this is a special time to be supported by the realm of spirit in the form of fragrance.  

Together, we create a scented story of your life that honors and supports your transitions:

~a perfume to support your union or marriage that in future time, will also bring you to re-member that special day.

~a perfume to celebrate the birth of a new life. A personal gift to the new mother to support her new role and growth.

~a perfume to anoint your loved one after death, to support their passage to the afterlife and to honor your love for them.

~a perfume to bring a special blessing to any great moment in your life that you want to celebrate or want help in a tangible way from the realm of Spirit.

Our consultation time together can be brief or require several communications and product variations depending on your needs and desires. If this speaks to you, let us have a conversation to see how I can best serve you.